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5 Strategies to Jump-Start your Real Estate Digital Marketing Plan

The use of digital marketing for any product or service is increasingly essential. With an ever-increasing number of internet users, the digital economy has created a plethora of opportunities. Real estate is one area that has benefited immensely from digital marketing.

Why is Digital Marketing vital for Real Estate?

Many realtors and brokers today underestimate the importance of internet marketing in the real estate industry. Not only can digital marketing increase brand awareness, but it also helps firms stand out from the crowd.

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Here are some of the reasons why digital marketing is essential for your real estate business:

Cost-effectiveness: A real estate project costs a lot of money, and digital marketing is less expensive than traditional marketing. As a result, the real estate business is capitalizing on this.

Increased exposure: A digital marketing plan allows you to broaden your reach while focusing that reach on a specific target market.

Performance analysis: There are numerous methods available in digital marketing for monitoring the effectiveness of advertisements. This makes it simple for real estate developers to determine which methodology is most suited to their items.

Creativity: There are numerous ways for real estate developers to showcase their items online, whether it is a standalone house, an apartment, or a villa.

Branding: To be successful in this broad sector, real estate developers must have a reputable and strong presence.

Use the following 5 strategies and tactics to jump-start your real estate digital marketing plan and obtain the results you want:

1. Create a User-Friendly Website

How many times have you accessed a website just to close it because it was taking too long to load? Realtor websites, with so many photographs and links, can be a web developer’s worst nightmare. Real estate experts, on the other hand, may create a responsive website that is optimized for mobile surfing with the help of a skilled web designer and knowledge of what your clients are searching for.

Almost half of all web browsing is done on a mobile device, thus if your website is not designed to be responsive, your clients will be unable to easily visit your site.

To provide your clients with the greatest experience possible, your mobile-friendly website should have the following content:

  1. All new listings
  2. Listings must include all of the pertinent information
  3. Content that will help them during the home-buying process
  4. An effective call to action

Consider adding a live chat feature to your website as well. Because your real estate firm is so focused on people, it’s critical that you’re available when customers have questions. Putting in live chat software allows users to connect 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and arrange appointments without having to speak directly to you.

2. Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is an effective technique for realtors looking to produce new leads based on ads that they pay for each time the ad is clicked.

Because they only pay when someone clicks on their ad, PPC is an excellent digital marketing choice for real estate professionals looking for potential clients who are really interested in their product.

PPC advertising is frequently targeted at those who have searched for correlated keywords in Google or another search engine.

3. Invest in Social Media Marketing

It is important to keep current clients while also acquiring new ones. Social media is the most well-known medium for engagement, and Facebook is at the top of the list for real estate. Customers should be able to find your social marketing content. Posting fascinating material on Facebook and other social networking sites is a terrific way to get clients to visit your social media profiles.

Posting some DIY home improvement practical ideas on YouTube, or even videos about property interiors, will raise your views and keep consumers engaged, while also providing content that fits your brand and is valuable to your audience without hard-selling your product.

4. Publish and Distribute Valuable Blog Content

Responsive websites with blogs typically have more indexed pages, assisting real estate professionals in improving their SEO.

A blog is an excellent way to improve your SEO, establish a great internet reputation, and provide your clients with actionable information on buying or selling a home or piece of property. Without quality content, whether posted on your website or social media, a real estate professional’s digital marketing strategy is meaningless.

In addition to your adaptable website, make it a habit to provide content that buyers and sellers can return to for answers to their most pressing real estate questions.

5. Don’t forget to use SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization, is an important approach for driving traffic to your website. When done properly, your website and web pages will appear higher on search engine results pages (SERPs) during relevant searches.

Keywords are a fundamental part of SEO that can have a major impact. Integrate high-ranking keywords such as your location and industry across your blog material and website to include keywords in your SEO plan. Other components of a great SEO strategy include:

  1. Links to other websites
  2. Meta descriptions and titles
  3. Online directories and social media pages

Because content is such an important component of a strong SEO strategy, keep your blog updated on a regular basis. Because the most popular content on Google is often between 1,140 and 1,285 words long, it may be a good idea to publish high-value, long-form content on a regular basis.


While practically every real estate agent and broker implement one or more digital marketing strategies as part of their business, the success of the campaigns is determined by how well the tactics are implemented.

Concentrate on developing digital content that attempts to address homebuyer concerns and answer their inquiries. Use a variety of internet methods to increase your chances of being discovered by potential consumers.

In the end, it’s not just about how many people you reach, but also about the quality of the conversion.

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