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How to Improve Your SEO with a Topic-Driven Content Marketing Approach

The industry is rapidly transitioning from a keyword-focused to a topic-driven paradigm. Discover how to use keyword and topic selection tools to influence your content marketing plan and improve the SEO performance of your most important web pages.

This is not to argue that keywords are no longer important in SEO, but there are more effective ways to promote your content marketing campaign by focusing on a topic-driven approach.

The difficulty with concentrating simply on keyword planning and keyword optimization is that they severely restrict the extent of your information hierarchy and new content ideas. Choosing the correct keywords and themes is undeniably the most critical step.

What are the advantages of topic-focused content marketing?

It is obvious that keywords will always play a vital role in optimizing your website content. However, one has to select keywords that are based on trending topics or evergreen topics to drive traffic. Therefore, it is important to select topics for keywords.

This method can help you in organizing keywords for more related themes and sub-topics.

Allows you to build a more relevant topic in order to attract more visitors.

You will be able to build an optimized interconnected web of material.

In this blog, we will walk you through the process of using keywords and topic selection tools to increase the performance of your most valuable pages as part of your content marketing strategy.

Audit your website 

Understanding where your present site is succeeding and where it is failing is the first step in reworking your SEO approach.

Determine which blogs landed on the second or third page, and what went wrong with them. Compare it to your competitors and identify the flaws. To ensure that you take significant measures, you must first understand why your SEO performance is declining. Only by identifying and correcting these errors will you be able to improve your SEO results.


Build your organic presence

Following an analysis of your website, the next critical step is to strive on obtaining an organic presence. All you have to do is remove any backlinks for keywords that aren’t going to help your content. For example, if your article is about SEO rankings, you would only include backlinks or keywords related to SEO rankings.

Use analytics to avoid bounce rate 

Do you understand why your bounce rate is so high? Because your prospects are dissatisfied or dissatisfied with the content you’re providing them. Either the information becomes monotonous or the interest fades, which is why it is critical to push relevant SEO and content tactics to keep your prospects’ attention for a longer period of time.

Set strategic goals

On your website, each web page serves a particular purpose. It is crucial to define key performance indicators (KPIs) and set achievable goals in order to analyze and identify your performance. Correct keyword placement in the appropriate manner will boost website ranking. The website content must be eye-catching in order to create conversions. 

Create Site Architecture

To build a website structure, use a down-pyramid strategy divided by categories. The goal is to establish sub-topics for a piece of information and then interlink them. This entices the reader to click on links to learn more about the “highlighted” material.

Google Keyword Planner is an excellent tool for generating related keywords and brainstorming a theme for your next piece of content. There are a number of other tools available online as well. Once a major topic has been completed with interconnected sub-topics, you can move on to a new topic to work on. Choose the keywords with the most search volume in a search engine.

Competitive analysis 

Analyzing your competition is one of the finest ways to figure out where you stand and evaluate your strengths and flaws. To understand what your competitors are offering on their web pages, use competitive analysis tools like SemRush and SpyFu for understanding the competition.

These tools help analyze the keyword gaps. Compare your website keywords with competitor websites and find out the gap. Moreover, the most important goal for any SEO-driven content marketing approach is generating backlinks. Adding backlinks to your content improves the ranking and authorization of your site.

At last, one of the most important is social engagement. It is important to establish an online engagement with your audience who may turn into your clients. 


You may easily get the needed traffic on your web pages with the help of topic-driven content marketing and more relevant keyword utilization. It also broadens your content marketing strategy’s reach. This allows your most significant and dominant web pages to appear at the top of the SERPs. And that is a goal that any SEO expert would like to achieve in the shortest period of time.

Regularly evaluating your website traffic and the content on each web page allows you to learn your website’s strengths and limitations, as well as the changes you need to make. Moreover, interlinking can also optimize your other web pages and get traffic on related topics.

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